When You Should Hire Professional Art Installers in NYC

When You Should Hire Professional Art Installers in NYC

An important part of the exhibition’s success is the way the art is displayed. If you want to showcase your artwork to the best effect, you will have to consider various things. Whether you are managing a gallery exhibition or preparing to host an at-home art viewing party, there is one common goal in both scenarios — you want your artwork to leave a lasting impression. Do you happen to live in the Big Apple and need help with artwork installation? If your answer is “yes,” there are art installers in NYC, who will readily come to the rescue.

When You Should Hire Professional Art Installers in NYC

Installation in public spaces

A properly managed exhibition always tells a story, presenting artwork in a meaningful way to enhance the artist’s original message. Apart from that, professional art installers pay attention to small details. Lighting, climate conditions, and the placement of the artwork — all of those things contribute to the overall impression of the exhibition. That is why galleries and museums work with trustworthy art handling companies only.

Installation at your place

When showcasing art at home, you have to look at your home and determine where you want your pieces to be placed. Consider the shapes, sizes, and weight of your precious items. In many cases, you can arrange them in your home and hang them up by yourself. But if some of your pieces are too heavy, large, or require special handling, you can always opt for assistance from professional art installers in NYC. Hiring companies like Fine Art Shippers will also speed up the lengthy process of installation.

Experienced art handlers

Fine Art Shippers is a team of experienced art installers in NYC. We love our job and know how to handle all kinds of artwork, from fine art prints to Old Master paintings to outdoor sculptures. We serve individuals and art institutions, work at private residences, public venues, and international art shows. Fine Art Shippers can also help pack and transport your art collection across the country and internationally. Contact us today to know how we can help you.