What You Should Know about Packing Collectible and Antique Items

Antique Items

Safe shipping is always very important, no matter whether it comes to furniture shipping or art shipping. However, it is especially crucial for those collectible and antique items that cannot be easily replaced in case of damage during transportation. For this reason, even if your unique objects don’t look particularly fragile, you should take care of their secure packaging. This is also true for those who have a collection insurance policy, as, most likely, you would rather have your precious artworks than the money paid for them. After all, the damaged antique object can become the end of the family story.

Specifics on packing collectible and antique items for shipping

First of all, you should learn everything about your art collection as each type of collectibles and antiques has its own specifics. Thus, different porcelain figurines require two boxes of the proper size, mirrors should always be positioned vertically when packing into a moving truck, and it’s better to use plastic bags when it comes to vintage clothing and textile. In general, you should take into account different packaging materials, types of containers, and even what else to include inside the box for each particular type of collectible or antique items being shipped. Therefore, if you have any difficulties or questions about secure packaging, consider seeking advice from professional art shipping companies specializing in this field.

How to save on packing materials?

In some cases, you can use recycled packing materials, such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and clean corrugated boxes. However, please avoid everything that is soiled or holds an odor, like food wrappers, boxes from feminine products, opened TV dinner boxes, and so on. There is a significant difference between “garbage” and “recycled packing materials.” Moreover, be careful when packing and shipping fragile items and antique pieces as not every box (even the clean one) can be used twice, not to mention that not all artworks can be packaged in recycled materials. Most of them still require specific packing supplies.

When to employ a professional art shipping company?

If your art collection includes fragile, cumbersome, unusual, or unique items, it’s better to order professional art shipping and packing services. This is exactly where Fine Art Shippers can help! We always pay special attention to our clients’ belongings, no matter whether it comes to cast iron collectibles, antique toys, exclusive home decor, dining room furniture pieces, oil paintings, large sculptures, or vintage jewelry. We know like no other that moving art, collectibles, and antiques requires extra care, and, therefore, Fine Art Shippers is among the most experienced and reliable antique and fine art movers. You can easily entrust us with your most valuable pieces as we will treat every item with the finest professional care!