What You Should Know About Packing Artwork That Is Heavy

What You Should Know About Packing Artwork That Is Heavy

Fine Art Shippers is no stranger to handling all sorts of breakables and heavy items. We have successfully shipped large art installations, bulky sculptures, and canvas paintings the size of a wall. While it is generally advised to enlist professional help when packing artwork, it is sometimes possible to accomplish good results on your own. Here are some things to remember if you want to prepare your package before it gets picked up by movers.

What You Should Know About Packing Artwork That Is Heavy

Be careful when lifting

Your safety and health should always come first. If you feel like the piece is way too heavy for you to move and there is no one to help you, stop pushing yourself. It is better to get help from expert art movers before you accidentally hurt yourself or ruin your artwork.

Always measure

This step is incredibly important when packing artwork. Measuring your items will help you see if your work fits through your door frame as it is or if you will have to disassemble it. Besides, after measuring, you will be able to give the art handlers the information necessary to plan the shipping process. The number of people it will take to ensure safe transportation depends on the size and weight of your piece. If you do not have suitable equipment for weighing massive objects, it is better to ask the art shipping company of your choice for help.

Use high-quality packing materials

Shipping heavy items implies a lot of risks, both to their condition and to the safety of the people handling them. Choosing an appropriate packing strategy is one of the ways to minimize those risks. When packing massive works of art, it is important to use durable and high-quality materials. Do not worry — there are ways to ensure 100% protection of your art piece during transit without overspending. We suggest that you go for custom wooden crates and double-walled boxes, and do not hesitate to create some extra layers when wrapping. Moving blankets are highly useful when packing artwork that is large and fragile.

Do not forget to label

Labels indicate any qualities of your item that the movers have to pay attention to. When loading a moving truck, the art handlers will know which items can go next to each other, and which ones should be isolated and treated with special care.

If you do not feel like packing artwork is something you can do by yourself, you can always ask Fine Art Shippers for help. We are an NYC-based company that has been providing reliable art shipping and art packing services in the US for over two decades.