What Does the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items Look Like?

What Does the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items Look Like?

When you’re dealing with fragile works of fine art, porcelain, sculptures, or other collectibles, it’s unwise to entrust their integrity to chance. You need the best shipping company for fragile items to have your precious possessions delivered in full compliance with safety guidelines and industry standards. So, what does this top-tier provider look like, and how to spot one on the crowded market?

Top Signs of the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items

Throughout many years of experience in the art shipping industry, we have identified three core values the best shipping company for fragile items should display. Let’s share them with you so you can select shipping providers wisely.

#1 Attention to Detail

Fragile art is very delicate; it stands no guesswork or experimentation and is fully intolerable to mistakes. That’s why expert art handlers should approach the task of preparing fragile items for shipping, as well as the transportation itself, with a detail-oriented mindset. Every tiny aspect of the shipping process should be thoroughly planned and executed to bring down the risk of damage to zero.

#2 Safety in Everything

Safety is key when it comes to moving fragile items. It’s impossible to guarantee the objects’ intactness if they’re handled without proper safety precautions. That’s why a reliable shipper should assess the artwork’s type, condition, age, and risks associated with these parameters, planning the process of packaging and moving in line with the art object’s unique demands.

#3 Specialized Packaging

A separate word should be said about the significance of correctly chosen and executed packaging. The cover for fragile art should be planned in line with the object’s surface materials, dimensions, and weight. A trustworthy provider of art shipping services should disassemble all moving parts and package them separately, using only safe, acid-free materials like glassine paper, archival tissue paper, art plastic, and kraft bubble. Without a comprehensive protective layer, fragile artwork may be susceptible to scratches, physical shocks, and environmental impacts during transportation.

Consider Fine Art Shippers as a Safe Option

We can become your best shipping company for fragile items because the Fine Art Shippers team possesses a full skillset and in-depth knowledge of art handling principles. All our art handlers undergo in-house training and have the required background for managing fragile artwork with due care. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to learn all the terms and find out how we can assist you with the fragile art moving challenge.