What Is the Best Way to Ship Something Fragile?

What Is the Best Way to Ship Something Fragile?

What is the best way to ship something fragile? Or, rather, is there such a thing? Anyone who has ever thought about moving a set of valuable china, a collection of vintage wines, or a designer glass table from one place to another has probably faced such questions. By reading this blog post, you’ll learn the answers to them. 

The Best Way to Ship Something Fragile: Some Considerations 

Unfortunately, we have to answer in the negative: there is no single solution or the best way to ship something fragile. However, several guidelines and practices can significantly increase the chances of successfully shipping a fragile item without damage.

The optimal shipping option depends on the specifics of the item, its material, size, weight, and destination. You can get good advice on this from a company that specializes in fine art transportation. Even if you are not moving a painting or sculpture, but a piece of furniture or a set of china, it can be useful to you. Unlike regular shippers, art logistics companies know how to handle fragile items with care. They will most likely be able to offer you a personalized solution for your case.

Proper packaging plays an important role in fragile logistics. Fine art shipping companies know a lot about this business. For some types of fragile items, such as regular-size glass vases, carefully organized soft packing can be sufficient, provided that they are delivered by a specialized art shuttle. Wrap the fragile item in acid-free paper, bubble wrap, or soft foam, place it in a sturdy cardboard box that is appropriate for the size and weight of the item, and fill empty spaces in the box with more bubble wrap to prevent movement. At the end, seal the box with high-quality tape. That’s it: you’re packing like a pro!

However, for extremely fragile and valuable items, professional art handlers may recommend building a wooden crate. This is a custom-made, solid container that provides the highest level of protection during transit. Some shipping companies have carpenters on staff to build crates, so there is no need to hire a professional additionally.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Best Partner for Shipping Fragile Items

Fine Art Shippers is a reputable New York-based company specializing in white glove moving and fragile logistics. We have been successfully shipping fine art for over 27 years and know a thing or two about the best way to ship something fragile. Contact us for a free quote; we’ll be happy to assist you with your shipping challenges.