What Can Go Wrong During Artwork Transportation, and How to Avoid It?

What Can Go Wrong During Artwork Transportation, and How to Avoid It

Artwork transportation is part and parcel of the art industry; pieces of fine art frequently change hands, follow their owners during relocation, or attend various exhibitions and displays. However, every move is dangerous and potentially damaging for the artwork, so it’s vital to plan the whole process carefully to avoid damage or permanent loss of your precious possessions. Let’s see what can happen and what can be done to prevent troubles.

What Can Go Wrong During Artwork Transportation?

Here are a couple of considerations about safe art shipping you should keep in mind and arrange with proper regard to safety.

#1 Undocumented Condition

You may skip the documentation stage when preparing art for shipment, which is deeply wrong. Without photo and video materials verifying the artwork’s initial condition, you will never be able to prove that it was damaged in transit.

#2 DIY Packaging

Packing art with some paper and tape you have readily available at home is the worst idea. It’s important to use only acid-free, non-adhesive materials for fine art packaging.

#3 Self-Arranged Delivery

If you need to have your art objects shipped locally, you may believe that nothing will happen to them in your trunk or in the back seat of your car. That’s absolutely not recommended, as art can be damaged even at the slightest bump on the road.

#4 Installing Art on Your Own

Once the art is delivered, you may want to save a couple of bucks on the installation service. Yet, many things can go wrong at this stage, from skewing the painting’s level and making redundant holes in your wall to cracking the sculpture when lifting it to a pedestal.

What Can You Do to Avoid the Risks?

Looking at the artwork transportation risks discussed above, you’ll surely want to take proper measures to avoid potential trouble and losses. This is how you should approach the transportation process with minimal hazards:

  • Take care of artwork documentation in advance. Prepare photo and video materials of the art pieces’ original condition to provide them to art handlers and the insurance company.
  • Hire a professional team of artwork shippers who will package your art objects using professional materials and collect them from your location.
  • Have your art objects shipped only in safe, specialized art
  • Entrust the unpacking and installation procedures to vetted experts.

Following all these rules, you can be 100% confident in your artwork’s intactness and safety throughout the entire shipping process. Fine Art Shippers has many experts on board, who are ready to deliver these services to clients. Contact us to get professional shipping service from trusted art handlers to sleep well at night, knowing your priceless art is in good hands.