An Art Owner’s Sneak Peek into the Artwork Transportation Process

An Art Owner’s Sneak Peek into the Artwork Transportation Process

You may need the services of artwork transportation on many occasions, be it moving to a new house or getting your art pieces shipped to an international exhibition or fair. But what does the shipping process specifically entail? How are the artwork transportation procedures organized, and what steps are involved to secure your art objects to the fullest extent possible? Here is a detailed guide to the algorithm for preparing fine art for shipping and completing its relocation in line with safety guidelines and precautions.

A Sneak Peek into the Artwork Transportation Process 

The first stage of organizing artwork transportation is hiring a reliable shipper. You can turn to Fine Art Shippers to get your art objects shipped to any location with due care for their safety and integrity. This is what we do to transfer your valuable belongings from point A to point B.

#1 Packaging and Pick-Up

You may have the fine art objects stored at home, in an art gallery, in a studio, or in an office facility. Naturally, they can’t be shipped in the ‘as-is’ format, as any artwork requires proper packaging and preparation for the shipment. Once you call us and order the transportation service, our art handlers arrive at your location and package the objects for further shipping.

#2 Transportation

After all objects are thoroughly packaged with safe, industry-approved materials, they are carefully moved to their destination by our art shuttles. You can also entrust us with customized crating of your objects if you’re getting them ready for international shipment or need to add an extra layer of protection to exclusive, highly expensive works of art. Our company’s staff can handle the art object’s international shipment from NYC, with proper aid and consultations on insurance and documentation provided on demand.

#3 Unpacking and Installation

Once your shipment arrives at the destination location, we don’t just leave the objects on your doorstep. A professional team of art handlers will carefully unpack the shipped artwork, inspect its condition after the shipment, and perform the installation work on demand.

This way, you can delegate all processes related to artwork transportation to professionals. When working with Fine Art Shippers, you can be sure that your artwork will be in safe hands. You can sleep well at night, knowing your valuable possessions are handled with care.