Vian Borchert – An Expressionist Artist Creating Visual Poems

Vian Borchert

In one of our recent articles, we wrote about “Touch,” an amazing online exhibit hosted by bG Gallery. “Touch” is particularly notable for its fantastic selection of artworks and talented artists participating in this virtual art show. One of them is Vian Borchert, an award-winning expressionist artist whose paintings represent visual poems that capture and depict the mood and the expression of the figure.

Vian Borchert – An Expressionist Artist Creating Visual Poems

Vian Borchert is a contemporary expressionist artist and art educator who teaches art classes in Painting and Drawing to adults at The Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, MD. Vian’s work, which is mainly expressionistic figurative art and abstract expressionism, is inspired by Mother Nature that the artist calls her “sanctuary and ultimate solace.” Nature plays a vital role in Borchert’s art, helping her reach inner peace and attain moments of zen. It also helps her create outstanding visual poems depicting love, uncertainty, despair, and other deep emotions that one can feel.

Vian Borchert has been exhibited at many solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her works have been featured at the LA Art Show, Art Basel Miami Beach, Spectrum Miami, (e)merge Art Fair in Washington, D.C., and other prestigious shows. They are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan.

Vian Borchert – An Expressionist Artist Creating Visual PoemsFor bG Gallery’s online exhibit “Touch,” Vian Borchert created a very special acrylic painting titled “Revolutionary Waves” (featured to the right). Following the explorative aspect of the exhibition, which includes the senses, the talented expressionist artist made this artwork using only her hands and the pigment of the paint.

Thus, “Revolutionary Waves” is literally very hands-on. It is a perfect experimental mix of painting and sculptural work, which is additionally very symbolic, reminding us of the times we live in.

At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit “Touch” to enjoy works by Vian Borchert, Mario Loprete, and other amazing contemporary artists featured at the online exhibit. It is on view through January 29, 2021.