Useful Tips for Shipping Mirrors in 2022

Useful Tips for Shipping Mirrors in 2022

Shipping mirrors is a risky business because these items are highly fragile and delicate. Besides, antique mirrors often feature complex frames with a lot of decorative, protruding details that can be easily damaged as well. If a mirror is large and heavy, it requires even greater protection. Marking the box with a “fragile” label will be useless if you don`t comply with the basic principles of mirror packaging.

Useful Tips for Shipping Mirrors in 2022

1. Preventive measures

Shipping mirrors safely means providing for any situations and taking all precautionary measures. If something happens in transit and a mirror chips or cracks, it should stay fixed to prevent further damage to the glass and frame. This can be achieved by covering the mirror surface with strips of masking tape in an X shape.

2. Corners 

You should pay attention not only to decorative but also to smooth corners of the frame, as they can also be easily damaged when shipping mirrors over long distances. To protect them, use special cardboard or rubber corner protectors.Useful Tips for Shipping Mirrors in 2022

3. Cardboard carcass

A mirror should be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap secured with tape and then fixed densely with shock-absorbing material. Cardboard layers from two sides tied with tape prevent contact with other materials and make a solid fixing frame.

4. Right-sized box/crate

It is also important to choose a box or crate of the right size. It should be two or three inches longer and wider on each side to make space for cushioning layers.

5. Cushioning

The space between the mirror and the walls of the box/crate should be tightly filled with bubble wrap. As an alternative, you can use Styrofoam or sheets of cushion foam.

6. Labeling

In addition to all preventive measures, crates or boxes with mirrors should be labeled as fragile. Such signs will help the shippers handle, place, and secure mirrors in the right way.

7. Shipping insurance

One more important step is buying appropriate shipping insurance. Even professional service is not secured from natural disasters and sudden accidents. Shipping insurance is a must-have when transporting both solid and fragile objects, including mirrors.

If you follow packaging rules, the process of shipping mirrors will become much easier and you will be able to receive your fragile pieces safe and sound. Good luck!