Trendy Types of Visual Art in 2021

Visual art

In 2021, people continue using visual art to make a statement and bring inspiring vibes into their homes. We are surrounded by multiple artworks ranging from cozy landscape paintings in our living rooms to bizarre and bold graffiti on the streets. The broadness of the term “visual art” renders any attempt at exact definition meaningless. This type of art includes many unique forms and genres that are visual in nature. Painting, sculpture, crafts, ceramics, photography, and filmmaking are just some of those that we encounter every day.

The meaning of visual art in 2021 has largely increased. It is evident in the rising promotion of various art forms to the masses by influential agencies and talented artists. No doubt, people benefit from this process since art is a beautiful mode of expression. The question that follows, however, is what types of art appeal to contemporary society most. Let’s look at some of them in detail.

Trendy types of visual art in 2021

1. Abstract art

This type of visual art seems to have been on trend for decades. Despite the fact that abstract paintings may first puzzle those seeking meaning in every artwork, they are still very popular around the world. Abstraction renders reality using lines, colors, shapes, and, of course, interpretations. To better understand this form of art, you should check the work of such prominent abstract artists as Vasily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock.

Quick tip: abstract art can ideally match the modern interior design and suit any room.

2. Urban art

Urban art is inspired by lifestyle and architecture. In 2021, it remains one of the most popular types of visual art worldwide. This contemporary form of art, which is often associated with street art and graffiti art, attracts thousands of people with its bold themes, diversity of colors, and profound meaning. Urban artists are doing a great job indeed, as their work reaches people in all corners of the world.

Trendy Types of Visual Art in 2021

3. Retro art

Retro art is also very popular these days. This art type is noted by striking shapes, bright colors, and retrospective meaning. Retro art is bold and nostalgic at the same time since it often represents a mixture of old movie posters, advertisements, and psychedelic pictures. Today, such a revival of the past is at the forefront of art and design trends.

4. Religious art

Religious themes have been impressing people for centuries. For an art piece to be considered “religious,” it must have some recognizable moral narrative that endows the work with the required sacred quality. Curiously, some religions have certain rules (canons) that limit the type of art permitted. For example, a sculpture of Muhammad would be considered blasphemy, not a piece of religious art. On the other hand, icons of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God are very popular in the Orthodox tradition, even though they are created to strict Christian canons.

Trendy Types of Visual Art in 2021

5. Pop art

Pop art as a movement emerged in the ‘60s, and it is still a favorite one for many people around the world. The story told by pop artworks inspires society with the imagery of pop culture, mass media, comic books, and advertisements. This form of visual art is known for its unique and bright concepts that render its irony.

A variety of inspiring art genres and types is extremely diverse, and it is not limited to those mentioned in this list only. Art does not stand still, and we can clearly see that every day. Just look around, and you will notice so many manifestations of art and human creativity!