Compelling Landscape Paintings by Tad Retz

Tad Retz

Landscape paintings have always been enthralling and captivating pieces to view. Created in a variety of different styles, from vividly realistic to abstract, they offer the viewers an opportunity to escape, respite, or just look and contemplate for a while. In this blog post, we are happy to share with you several compelling works by Tad Retz, a young and talented artist who enjoys creating landscapes in a variety of media.

Compelling Landscape Paintings by Tad Retz

Tad Retz is primarily a self-taught artist painting by day and studying art masterpieces by night. He learned color values and compositions from Old Masters and spent much of his time traveling the country to develop his skills as a painter in the natural environment. Painting every day has become the best schooling for the inspired artist and also allowed him to explore various techniques and subjects.

Today, Tad Retz is largely known for his amazing landscape paintings in oil, acrylic, and gouache, but the artist also uses digital tools in his work. Whatever the medium, his diverse landscapes are distinguished by expressive, deliberate brushstrokes that create a mood and convey the essence of a scene.

Compelling Landscape Paintings by Tad Retz

Artworks by Tad Retz have been shown in art galleries around the country and are in many private collections worldwide. The artist also teaches painting in the form of workshops a few times a year.

Compelling Landscape Paintings by Tad Retz

Tad Retz’s love for creating landscape paintings in the open air has led him to design and build the Retz Box, a lightweight pochade box that allows painting in any location. The artist has also released his first book featuring 120 pages of his favorite paintings with close-up images and in-process photos. Both the Retz Box and the book are available for sale on Tad Retz’s website.

It is also worth noting that in May 2021, Tad Retz is planning to spend a week with a group of artist friends called “The Storytellers” in the desert in Southern Utah. During their travel, they will be creating paintings that will then be presented at an online group show we all look forward to.