Top 5 Iconic Paintings Every Student Should Know

Top 5 Iconic Paintings Every Student Should Know

No matter if you plan to visit a museum in person or explore some design solutions for your college room, knowing the most iconic paintings in history is essential. Although we have our personal tastes and creative preferences, certain artists and titles instantly stand out from the rest due to their fame, unique technique implemented, or the story behind the picture. Without a doubt, choosing iconic paintings by country will help you come up with numerous examples, so let’s take a global approach and narrow things down to only five of them.

Top 5 Iconic Paintings Every Student Should Know

1. The Mona Lisa

This famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci was created somewhere between 1503 to 1519. Although we all know this enigmatic smile, most experts are still unsure about the personality of this mysterious lady. It is also a unique portrait that has so many close details. It is interesting that before we hit the 20th century, this famous painting was virtually unknown. Suppose you wish to research the unknown bits relevant to the Mona Lisa. In that case, you may consider a research paper writer service that will help you narrow things down and find a niche that will represent something unique and inspiring, something that has not been researched before.

2. The Starry Night 

If you are planning to visit New York, checking out “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh should be one of the top experiences to consider. Created in 1889, it may surprise you with an abstract technique, yet it was quite an innovation. Visiting the Museum of Modern Art and checking it, you should remember that this masterpiece is a reflection of the mental asylum that van Gogh saw himself before he created his timeless work.

3. The Scream 

Often presented in series, this unique work by Edvard Munch is the one to remember. Created in 1893, it is considered one of the innovative pieces of art. The story behind the picture relates to the scream of nature as it asks us to be caring and cautious. This is what the artist experienced in Oslo when looking at the sunset breaking with the red hues. If you want to bring up certain social values in your work, this painting is safe to use and mention.

4. Girl with a Pearl Earring 

The chances are high that you have seen this painting before. Johannes Vermeer created it in 1665. It is not even considered a portrait in terms of Dutch heritage because of simplicity or the special technique used. The locals call it a “tronie,” which basically means a simple painting where many details are exaggerated. Nevertheless, once this painting went to tour the world, it quickly became one of the most cited pieces of art in academics.

5. The Birth of Venus 

Sandro Botticelli needs no introduction, as his mixture of a classic Greek culture cleverly paired with the Early Renaissance touch provides a unique experience. Created in 1484, The Birth of Venus is one of the widely used paintings for mosaic purposes and recreation in the field of education. Essentially, it is an example of wealth in arts, which stirs creativity and the birth of something new. It was also one of the cases where the painter chose canvas instead of wood, which was more common at the time.

Checking Virtual Art Museums Matters

If you are planning to see more famous paintings like “American Gothic” by Grant Wood or the “Water Lillies” unique series by Claude Monet, you should think about checking things virtually, as there are many museums that can be visited free of charge. Some good examples include the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which has a virtual tour page. Likewise, you may consider Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam if you want to take a look at the works by Flemish masters. If you want to learn more about virtual museums, think about choosing a period or a sub-genre of art to obtain more results. This way, you will learn way more and won’t have to wait in a queue, even though seeing timeless masterpieces in person is an experience you should not miss either.