Top 5 Answers to Common Client Questions About Art Moving

Top 5 Answers to Common Client Questions About Art Moving

As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. The process of moving art has always left many people with lots of questions in mind. While it is not a catastrophe, knowing the basics and fundamentals of artwork transportation makes you savvier and helps you plan your budget more effectively. Below, we answer five common client questions about art moving.

Top 5 Answers to Common Client Questions About Art Moving

5. How to know whether a moving company is reliable?

Before you pay the money for the service, you should be confident in the people you hire. To know how reliable a company is, there are several factors you need to pay attention to. These are years of service, experience, reputation, and customer feedback. Based on these characteristics, you might get a clearer picture of how professional and competent the handlers are.

4. What is the best way to contact movers?

The short answer is “in any way suitable.” In practice, movers usually have preferred ways of communication, be it a phone or an email address. Also, you can find an online quote form, the one Fine Art Shippers offers to its clients. It’s one more way to enter into a dialogue without wasting your precious time.

3. Are there any value-added services that I can request?

Sometimes, art moving services are not enough, and you need just a little more from the shippers. Fortunately for you, there are several useful value-added services that you can benefit from: packing, installation, storage, and insurance.

2. How safe is art moving as compared to standard movers?

This common question is asked by a lot by people who have to pick service providers for the first time. In short, the difference is rather big because each group of professionals has diametrically opposed tasks. The transportation of artworks requires art movers, period.

1. Can I calculate the service cost by myself?

To calculate the service cost, you need to have up-to-date information about the rates of the company, which is usually not something you can easily find. So, you can either contact movers to get an estimate or try to find out the average cost in accordance with the market standards. Spoiler: the first option is always better.

To Wrap Up

For more answers, never hesitate to consult a team you want to hire. That’s arguably the fastest way to find out how things are done on the other side. However, the actual state of affairs can only be visible after the cooperation, which is why movers’ experience and reputation matter.