Tips on How to Safely Ship Your Art Creations to Customers

Tips on How to Safely Ship Your Art Creations to Customers

You might have felt nervous about putting some of your pieces up for sale, but you could find that they quickly get snapped up by enthusiastic buyers. While you are undoubtedly going to be ecstatic that this has happened, there is another issue you will need to address.

This is because once you have sales of your art creations, you will need to ensure that you can get them to your customers on time and in one piece. You might not feel comfortable leaving this to a courier company that does not have the same emotional attachment to the piece as you, so you are likely to want to do it yourself.

Even if you have not done anything like this before, there is a simple process to follow to ensure that you get everything right.

#1 Ensure your piece is correctly packaged

If your creation is like most pieces of art, it is likely to be fragile, so you will need to protect it on its journey to its new home. Of course, the materials you will need to use will vary depending on the size and shape of what you are shipping, but a good starting point is investing in some bubble wrap and void-filling medium.

When it comes to a box, you might feel that recycling packaging from companies like Amazon might be a good idea. However, you need to remember what impression this makes on your customers, especially if they have paid a good price for the item in question. It might be best to go online and source a triple-walled sturdy box for this purpose.

#2 Labeling your package

Labels are vitally important, as they will contain the name and address of the recipient, so they need to be both accurate and legible for the postal service to read. This is not an area you should cut corners on, as it could mean that a valuable item goes astray and could result in you having to return what could be quite a hefty sum.

If you are lucky enough to have sold more than one item, you could use Microsoft Office 365 or Google Sheets to create your labels all at once. Even if this is a single dispatch, it could be wise to do this anyway, as a printed label is likely to be easier to read than a handwritten one.

The next step is to choose what size labels you need, (for US customers) and (for UK customers) sell most sizes, including compatible sizes with other retailers. With this much choice, you are bound to find the right-sized label for your package, whether it be a small box or a huge crate.

#3 Picking your courier

Now that you have packed and labeled your piece, you may feel confident enough to entrust it to a courier. Of course, which one you choose will depend on the size and weight of the package, but you should ensure that whoever you pick has all the correct insurance in place.

No matter what kind of art you are creating, shipping it is an essential part of the process. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your art will be safely shipped to its destination so that your customers can enjoy their creations.