3 Things Professional Art Packaging Protects Your Valuables From

3 Things Professional Art Packaging Protects Your Valuables From

There are many ways you can make sure that your precious art collection stays safe in transit or storage. Art packaging plays a critical role in protecting your valuables. Let’s discuss the most common art shipping and storage hazards and how secure art packaging can help eliminate them.

3 Things Professional Art Packaging Protects Your Valuables From 

Moisture and light

All art lovers are familiar with the damage that moisture and light can cause to artwork. Sure, a little sun will not cause irreparable harm, but storing your collection in a place constantly exposed to direct light can make art fade or overheat. In addition, humidity is deadly for works of art and antiques, especially those made from paper. Art packers always use waterproof art packaging supplies for additional protection. All shipping boxes and crates should also be sealed with moisture-resistant tape or a special sealant.

Vibration and shock

Vibration and shock are some of the top causes of damage during transit. They most commonly occur during on-land transportation. Normally, moving trucks are very secure, and people driving them are always extremely careful, but even specialized vehicles can only provide so much protection for your items. When art handlers pack your valuables for shipping, they always use cushioning materials and fix all boxes and crates inside the vehicle in place. All items are also secured within their packages to prevent them from moving around.

Careless mistakes

If you plan to ship your art with a regular moving company instead of a specialized one, you should double up on protective measures. While general movers might be accustomed to handling fragile items, they still do not have the skill to transport artworks and antiques. Professional art packaging will, at least, help mitigate the risks of unprofessional art transportation. To further ensure safety during transit, boxes carrying delicate objects must be labeled: this will warn the movers about their contents and let them know they have to pay special attention to them. It is also worth noting that if you opt for professional art packaging services, it makes sense to just go ahead and let experts handle the transportation as well.

To help you save time and minimize the stress of art transportation and storage, we suggest that you enlist the full spectrum of art logistics services. For example, Fine Art Shippers can provide you with everything you need, from packing and transportation to installation and storage, to ensure the safety of your possessions.