4 Creative Ways to Sell Art Online in 2023

4 Creative Ways to Sell Art Online in 2023

Art will never get old or out of fashion, as it’s how people show what they think and how they feel. In modern times, art has become a product artists can sell to make a living. Whether you have original acrylic paintings, digital art prints, or sculptures, you can make a living out of them.

This article will cover ways to sell art online, whether you are an artist or a curator, a beginner or a professional. It will be worthwhile to read.

4 Creative Ways to Sell Art Online in 2023

Sell through online art galleries

If you have been selling art online, you will agree that getting your pieces in front of those rare, unicorn-like people who will love them enough to buy them is the hardest part.

If you’ve ever made a portfolio website but didn’t get many visitors, you know how disappointing the whole thing can be. The hope of making a living by selling your art fades while it sits in a lonely corner of the Internet collecting dust.

An excellent solution for this is showcasing your work at an online art gallery. Online art galleries and marketplaces can really help you reach more people interested in buying your art. If you aren’t selling any art online yet, this is a great place to start, as online galleries give you the needed exposure. If you are already selling, that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing.

For the best experience when selling your art through online galleries, choose those that are already popular and have visitors.  Aim for galleries with demanding display requirements to stand out as an artist. As a rule of thumb, the gallery should have quality standards.

Print on demand

Artists and designers are using print-on-demand websites to sell their work online, and there is no reason you can’t take advantage of it too.

The best thing about print-on-demand is that once you upload a high-quality image of your art, the site takes care of everything else, so you can keep making more art.

After uploading the image, it is printed on everything from art prints to phone cases, t-shirts, and pillows.

Before you go this route, you should note that not all works look good on a duvet cover or phone skin. Print-on-demand sites focus on graphic and illustrative styles, so bear this in mind.

After signing up with a print-on-demand website, remember to get the word out about your work and where your fans can find it.

Sell on social media

With everyone on social media, you should take advantage of its potential and sell your art there.

Most artists are happier in the studio than on the marketplace and social media doing a lot of shouting, but the effort you put into social media can be extremely worthwhile.

You should start by finding the social media channels that work best for you. Do you want your work to say what it needs to say? Use Instagram.

Are you like a magpie when collecting interesting images and sources? Use Pinterest.

Want to get in touch with galleries and artists who share your tastes? Tweet and post on Facebook.

Each social network has pros and cons, and you’ll quickly figure out which one works best for your personality and how you like to do things.

To make headway on social media, you need to get people to trust you and feel like they know you. To do that, you have to act like a real person. Most people will ignore or stop following you on social media if your posts make you look like a sales machine that only wants to sell art pieces.

 You shouldn’t talk to people like a salesman. Yes, you want them to buy, but you’ll have a much better chance of selling your art if everyone you meet feels like you treat them with respect, curiosity, and kindness.

You can sell your art in physical form and ship it using First Mile or any other shipping company. You can also send your clients a link to a store or gallery where they can buy your art digitally.

When shipping art pieces, you should pay attention to the smallest details, including how they are packed. Your art should arrive in good condition, and you should give your customers an experience that matches the quality and care you put into your work. Be especially careful when packing the pieces yourself. For example, use rigid cardboard mailing tubes for packing posters and bigger unframed prints, and rigid cardboard mailing envelopes or special boxes for shipping smaller items.

Always use glassine paper or art plastic to protect prints inside the packaging. Do not hesitate to do custom packaging to make your customers happy and improve their experience with your brand.

Sell digital art as NFTs

As an artist, you must have heard about NFTs, right? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a unique form of digital art that can be bought and sold like any other property.

To sell your art as an NFT, you need to convert it to NFT using software and then sell it online. You need to come up with unique pieces and have them on popular NFT platforms.

Parting shot

As you see, you can sell your art online in plenty of ways. If you are an emerging artist wondering where to start, start with what you have. Find a platform that works well with your art and get going. Remember to experiment with various platforms before finding the one that suits you best.