Tips for Saving Money on Fine Art Shipping Costs. Part II

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For today, people in all types of businesses are looking for all possible ways to save money, and art shipping companies, like ours, are anxious to help. For this reason, we have already given you some useful tips for saving money on transportation costs in one of our previous articles. However, here are some more practical suggestions that can also help you with that.

1. Let us know if the cost is an issue. State your budget – it will save time for both the art shipping company and you! Moreover, share the competitive quote if you have one. It will give us an opportunity to tell you quickly whether we can provide the required service at a lower price or not. Otherwise, preparing an estimate based on the best possible ingredients and solutions not knowing that this is beyond your means, we only waste your time and ours. Just let us know that you are on a budget, and we will find all possible solutions suitable for your requirements and needs.

2. Give us accurate and truthful information. Corrects sizes are critical for art shipping, so try to provide the art moving company with accurate information about the dimensions of transported objects. The same applies to their condition, media, and certainly value. The case is that some people think that they will be charged much higher fees if they reveal the true value of the art object. In fact, they are right, as the level of security, shipping, as well as packing and crating, recommended for a $2,000-3,000 artwork is different than for a $1 million masterpiece. However, a budget service for such work is not an option. Moreover, once we know the true value of the object, we have to rescind previous calculations and start from the very beginning. So always give us accurate dimensions and other information in order not to have double prices or any surprises during the whole transportation process.

3. Ask us for advice. If you require shipping artwork, first of all, consult our expert. Tell us what you want to ship, where and when it needs to be, the type of artwork and its condition, and we will provide the most economical quote. It can appear to be much less expensive than if you tell us what you think you need. The fact is that we can offer you such budget options that you have never thought about.

4. Try to negotiate within reasonable limits. Professional art shipping and handling services are based on high fixed expenses for packing and storage facilities, insurance, trained staff, and truck expenses, hence the price. So if you think that it is rather expensive for you, try to match a lower quote. Maybe the higher quote contains a level of service you don’t need? Think about it. However, in most cases, art shipping companies are ready to lower a quote within reasonable limits to satisfy a repeat customer. So try to negotiate in order to come to mutually beneficial conditions. In any case, contact us for any questions and inquiries!