Tips and Tricks on How to Ship Framed Art with Glass

Tips and Tricks on How to Ship Framed Art with Glass

Some people think that it is better to ship artwork unframed. It is less complicated, and the frame can always be packed and shipped separately if needed. Besides, a frame with a glass cover significantly adds to the weight of the package, which usually increases the cost. However, sometimes, it is dangerous to take a piece of art out of its frame, especially when it comes to antiques. The fact is that a frame with glass often acts as a protective structure for the fragile item, so removing it can potentially make the shipping process even more difficult or even impossible. When dealing with valuable paintings, it is better to opt for professional art packing and shipping services. That way, you can rest assured that your piece is packed correctly and delivered to its destination without a scratch. Below you will find some tips and tricks on how to ship framed art with glass to get an idea of the entire process.

How to Ship Framed Art with Glass

  • Consider double-boxing

A wooden crate is the best protection when it comes to transporting a painting framed with glass, but if you opt for soft packing, consider using two durable boxes to pack your artwork instead of one. The more protective layers, the better. You might even want to use a triple-wall box, which is much better for holding heavy items like framed artwork.

  • Use quality painter’s tape

Another concern that arises when thinking about how to ship framed art with glass is the risk of breakage. Unfortunately, glass can shatter during transit even if all of the precautions are taken. To prevent the damage from getting worse, make a cross over the glass using painter’s tape or special blue film. This will protect the canvas from being scratched or torn by glass pieces.

  • Protect the frame

Now that the glass cover is protected, do not forget about the frame itself. Wrap it in a medium-density material like bubble wrap or polypropylene foam, and stuff the box with cushioning materials so that there is no space for the frame to move around during transportation.

We hope that these tips will come in handy the next time you face the question of how to ship framed art with glass carefully and efficiently. A beautiful art frame can add value to the artwork and might even be considered a work of art on its own, so it is best to treat it like one.