Tips and Tricks for Shipping Acrylic Paintings in 2022

Tips and Tricks for Shipping Acrylic Paintings in 2022

Acrylic paintings are some of the most popular types of artworks in today’s art market. Established and emerging artists opt for acrylic paints for their versatility and durability. In fact, quite a few world’s masterpieces were created with that particular medium. What is more, such pieces are usually very delicate, so everyone should know how to treat and care about them. Whether you are a beginner artist or would-be collector, the next tips and tricks for shipping acrylic paintings will help you avoid the most common mistakes in the future.

Tips and Tricks for Shipping Acrylic Paintings in 2022

Use soft packing only for local moves

When you want to ship your acrylic paintings at short distances, experts recommend using soft packing. At minimal cost, you can get relatively safe packing solutions consisting of cardboard boxes. Otherwise, use hard packing, which usually includes much more durable wooden crates.

Always remember about a no-touch zone

When you start packing your artwork, always remember the notion of a “no-touch zone.” It means that the best shipping method for your acrylic painting is one where nothing touches the surface of a piece. That is the number one objective that you should fulfill in the first place.

Consider temperature

Shipping acrylic paintings without paying attention to temperature level is wrong. Make sure to read about “minimum film formation” to understand how temperature can damage your work. You will most likely need a climate-controlled truck for shipping your valuables.

Entrust handling to professionals

The way you handle, fix, and hang a painting is also important. That is why professional art shipping services will never grow old. With the help of art shippers, you can effectively maximize your chances of success.

If you thoroughly do your homework now, shipping acrylic paintings will not cause you many problems in the future. You can always contact Fine Art Shippers to have your art shipping difficulties solved by professionals.