Three Ways You Can Get a Custom Artwork Crate in 2024

Three Ways You Can Get a Custom Artwork Crate in 2024

The safety of your artwork during transportation is something that should never be taken lightly. Once you realize how many dangers await your precious valuables while in transit, you will never be able to settle for just a less-than-great transportation option. One of the best ways to ensure the utmost protection of your valuables is to opt for an artwork crate — a special protective box specifically designed for the transportation of fragile items. But where can you get one? Read this blog post to find out.

Where to find an art shipping crate?

All in all, there are three options you can choose from if you need an art shipping crate. However, not all of these options are the same in terms of their reliability, and you will soon understand why.

Build an artwork crate yourself

Since in most cases, you cannot buy a perfect ready-made art shipping crate, the first option that might come to mind is to build an art crate yourself. If you have made a chair for your porch or hammered a nail into the wall before, you might have some basic carpentry skills. There are also tutorials online that you can follow to build a decent art crate from scratch. One problem with this solution is the consequence of you making even the slightest mistake. If your crate ends up crooked or unstable, it can cause grave damage to your valuables.

Order from a carpenter

This option is slightly better than building an art crate all by yourself. After all, carpenters are professionals at creating all sorts of things from wood. However, crates that are used for shipping artworks and antiques are different from regular ones. While a carpenter will be able to construct a sturdy and leveled shipping crate, they often do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the art shipping requirements.

Hire a fine art logistics company

Now, it is time for the third option, which is the most trustworthy of all by far. Fine art logistics companies employ professional art handlers who know exactly how to build a secure art shipping crate. Artwork crates are made from several layers, including the outside wooden shell and the inside cushioning. Therefore, they must be constructed with great attention to detail and the specific characteristics of each item in mind.

If you are shipping valuable and fragile items, a professionally made artwork crate is a must. At Fine Art Shippers, we have over twenty-five years of experience building art crates for objects of various measurements.