Fabricating an Art Wooden Crate: Our Goals and Guiding Principles

Fabricating an Art Wooden Crate

Have you ever heard of shipping crates? If not, they are those wooden containers used by professional art shippers to safely transport fragile items, including artworks and antiques. Even though they are widely used, fabricating an art wooden crate requires precise measurements and a customized approach. That’s why they are always built by hand. In this blog post, you’ll know the details of this laborious process. 

Fabricating an Art Wooden Crate: Why, How, and Where? 

What is required for fabricating an art wooden crate? You will need wood or plywood boards, carpentry tools, and, most importantly, a skilled carpenter or two. All of this is available at Fine Art Shippers, a New York-based company that specializes in shipping fragile items throughout the United States. Since our founding in 1995, we have built thousands of custom wooden crates and successfully shipped works of art and other precious possessions using them.

We recommend that our clients use crates when shipping artwork internationally by air or sea because they protect fragile items from external influences, rough handling, and sliding in the cargo hold. They also provide a stable temperature and humidity level, which is particularly important for oil paintings and wooden sculptures, as fluctuations in climate can seriously damage their integrity. For extremely valuable, fragile, and oddly shaped artworks, we recommend ordering custom-made wooden crates for domestic ground shipments too.

The benefits of Fine Art Shippers’ wooden crates go beyond their stability and shock resistance. Our skilled art handlers also professionally pack the artwork beforehand since it’s not enough to simply place the item in a wooden crate. Besides, a soft cushion must be created between the crate and the object using foam, bubble wrap, and other cushioning materials.

The second advantage is that we can build a custom wooden crate both at our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, and at your location, be it an apartment, studio, or art gallery, if needed. In some cases, onsite crating is a more convenient option for the art owner, but it is important to understand that this job requires space that should be provided by the client.

If you are going to ship your artwork, antique, or any other delicate or valuable item, Fine Art Shippers will be happy to assist you with fabricating an art wooden crate. It will perfectly protect your fragile items during transit by air, sea, or ground. Request a free quote using the special form on our website or contact us by phone for more details.