Art Crates for Shipping vs. Cardboard Boxes: Informed Comparison

Art Crates for Shipping

Shipping artwork can turn into an unexpectedly challenging task, especially if your object is too expensive, too old, too delicate, or has many moving parts. That’s why it’s vital to engage a professional shipping company that possesses an in-depth knowledge of handling delicate artwork and can ensure a smooth transportation experience. The first important decision that may affect the quality of your shipping experience is the choice between art crates for shipping and sturdy cardboard boxes. Here, we explain the difference between each packaging option to guide you in informed selection.

When Should You Use Boxes?

The first thing you should note is that cardboard boxes for shipping can be a safe, cost-effective solution in most cases. They are the most common packaging option for interstate art shuttle transportation, especially when it comes to two-dimensional artworks like paintings and art prints. Cardboard is lightweight and affordable, making this option highly attractive for shipping needs.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that cardboard is not suitable for shipping heavy, large art items. Even sturdy cardboard can collapse under weight, making the packaging ineffective. Besides, cardboard is highly susceptible to moisture.

When Are Art Crates for Shipping More Suitable?

If your shipping situation requires extra protection for the transported art object, or you are planning an international transit for your belongings, a custom-built wooden crate will be a better option. Such a crate is created specifically for your artwork, based on its unique dimensions so that the object fits nicely and doesn’t move inside the crate. Art crates for shipping are made of wood and plywood, so they can withstand the weight of much heavier and larger objects than cardboard boxes. As a result, your art objects enjoy a maximum level of protection throughout transit, including from physical damage and unfavorable changes in the environmental conditions.

Choose an Optimal Transportation Mode with Fine Art Shippers

Once you approach an art shipping project, it’s important to engage a professional team with enough expertise in handling various objects of art. We at Fine Art Shippers apply extensive experience and an inside-out understanding of the treatment needed for every artwork type to deliver top-tier service to clients. Depending on your artworks’ characteristics, we can package them into safe, sturdy boxes or build custom art crates for shipping your belongings long-distance. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 for professional art packaging and shipping services.