Three Inspiring Examples of Art Created Using a Plasma Cutter

Examples of Art Created Using a Plasma Cutter

While plasma cutters are most commonly used in industrial manufacturing, they are increasingly being employed by professional artists and hobbyists to create inspiring artworks.

One of the most well-known artists who use a computer numerical controlled cutter is the award-winning sculptor Ruchika Grover.

She combines computer-aided drawing techniques and CNC cutting with hand craftsmanship to create organic sculptures, such as ones that recreate the veins of a leaf in stone.

Grover begins by studying organic textures and sketching them by hand. She then uses CAD software to develop prototypes and selects the material to create the sculpture from. The CAD design is then turned into G-code, which provides cutting instructions to the CNC tool.

After the artwork has been produced, Grover spends time finishing the pieces by hand.

If you are now feeling inspired and want to create your own art using a plasma cutter, here are three fantastic ideas you could try.

Purchasing a Used Plasma Cutter

First off, a word about CNC plasma cutters. You need to get to know your tools before you can begin creating artworks.

Basically, plasma cutters work like this: they create an electronic channel through a gas that passes through an opening inside a torch.

An electric arc is then generated, and the gas is introduced. That forms a jet of plasma that can reach up to 40,000° Fahrenheit, which means it is able to cut through a variety of materials with the utmost precision.

There are lots of different types of plasma cutters on the market. The good news is you can find a used plasma cutting machine at an affordable price.

When you purchase a second-hand or repurposed plasma cutter from leading brands like Messer, Hornet, or Hypertherm through a reputable vendor, you will know that you are getting a plasma cutter that works just as well as a brand-new one.

Now, let us take a look at three of the artworks you could potentially make with a CNC plasma cutter.

1. A Sculptural Feather

You can basically make any type of decorative art piece that you like with the help of a plasma cutter. Similar to Grover’s sculpture of a leaf’s veins, you could create an amazing feather artwork.

Birds’ feathers have beautiful organic shapes, so they are ideal for basing sculptural works on. With a plasma cutter, you can create intricate cuts to mirror the fine details of a feather.

The finished sculpture would look ideal in any room of your home, or even at the office.

2. A Portrait Using Strips of Metal

Plasma cutters can be used in a variety of ways. When you are first becoming familiar with the tool, you could try making a simple portrait by using the cutter to cut various strips of metal at varying in sizes and then artistically attaching those strips to a flat surface to sculpt someone’s portrait.

You could do a self-portrait, a portrait of your partner, or even an image of your favorite singer. You could also use the strip-cutting technique to create portraits of the pets.

3. Large Letters

Another simple project you could get started with is creating large letters, such as the first letters of your name and your spouse’s name.

Large sculptural letters make ideal artworks to hang on the wall at home. You have the option to make freestanding letters too.

You can use whatever type of font, material, and design you like.

Of course, you could also create whole words, such as “LOVE,” to hang on your lounge wall or the name of your house to place on the front door.