Things to Know Before Starting a Porcelain Doll Collection

Things to Know Before Starting a Porcelain Doll Collection

These days, anyone can become a collector. There are millions of items at various price points available for purchase in antique stores and online. Sometimes, starting a collection can be as easy as going on eBay and typing some words in the search bar. But certain collectibles require a little bit more dedication than others. For example, if you would like to start collecting antique porcelain dolls, you have to do some research before buying your first piece. Luckily, there are tips that beginner art and antique collectors can use to make a good decision when starting a porcelain doll collection of their own.

Things to Know Before Starting a Porcelain Doll Collection

Decide what type of dolls you want in your collection

Some experienced collectors know how to tell apart the many types of porcelain dolls that exist in this world. There are fashion dolls and baby dolls, antique dolls that should be kept in a glass cabinet, and those that you use as decoration. Before starting your porcelain doll collection, you should make your priorities straight.

Always do research before buying

So, you have finally decided on the type of dolls you want to collect. But how to be sure that the doll you are buying is authentic? What if a limited-edition fashion doll you were so excited about finding on an online marketplace turns out to be fake? To avoid mishaps, always do your research before buying a new collectible. Ask the seller to provide the certificates or other proof of authenticity.

Ask for help from the experts

When buying an antique porcelain doll, you might want to get some extra help in ensuring its authenticity. In that case, you can enlist the services of a professional antique doll appraiser. Expert assistance is sometimes needed when determining the value of a doll, which often depends on details that a beginner might not be able to spot. This way, you can protect yourself from scammers or clueless sellers.

Now that you know about the precautions you must take to avoid making a purchase you will regret, you can go online or to your local antique store and safely browse for new additions to your porcelain doll collection. Remember, antiques are an investment, and you have to be vigilant and careful when making big purchases. When you have any concerns about the authenticity or value of the doll, it is better to take some time to think and ask for help from professionals.