The Musée Marc Chagall in Nice, France

Since Fine Art Shippers provides high-quality art shipping and crating services worldwide, people entrust us to ship artworks of exceptional value. For example, we were lucky to ship an original painting by Picasso, a Chinese terracotta sculpture dating to the 7th century, and even a huge Banksy mural. Our team was also entrusted with shipping prints by Marc Chagall, which were sold at Shapiro Fine & Decorative Art Auction this past June. At Fine Art Shippers, we love to ship works by this famous Russian-French artist, and we do enjoy when people choose our art shipping and crating services for this responsible job. Marc Chagall is indeed one of the greatest artists of his time, whose artworks are now displayed in many museums worldwide. For instance, you should definitely visit the Musée Marc Chagall in Nice, France!

The Musée Marc Chagall

Opened in Nice in 1973, the Musée Marc Chagall represents a national museum dedicated solely to the famous artist. For today, it features the biggest public collection of artworks by Marc Chagall, including a unique series of 17 paintings depicting the Old Testament. One more important thing about the Musée Marc Chagall is that the artist created the mosaic for the museum’s concert hall with his own hands, turning it into a valuable piece of art by itself.

It goes without saying that it would be a great honor for our team to work with the Musée Marc Chagall and provide this amazing museum with our art shipping and crating services!