The Intricacies Involved in Mirror Shipping and Packaging

The Intricacies Involved in Mirror Shipping and Packaging

A mirror represents a unique challenge to art handlers and shippers because it’s very delicate and fragile. Though less problematic in handling than three-dimensional art objects made of glass or marble, mirrors are still much more vulnerable to physical shocks than other artwork types. Here is a brief breakdown of preventive measures you need to take when planning mirror shipping.

How to Protect the Mirror Comprehensively?

The first thing to take care of when preparing for mirror shipping is covering the mirror’s surface. This is done by placing special film or masking tape strips on the glass in the X-shape to guarantee that an accidental chip or crack doesn’t ruin the entire art object.

Experts note that the corners of square mirrors should also be adequately protected during transportation, as these parts are usually the most vulnerable to chips and scratches. You may apply corner protectors made of sturdy cardboard or foam to guarantee proper cushioning for the corners during transportation.

Next, you should package the mirror entirely, which is best arranged with acid-free, non-adhesive material. This preventive measure ensures that its surface won’t be accidentally scratched during further packaging stages, and the mirror will be protected from dust and moisture in transit. You can use soft foam and bubble wrap fixed around the mirror with the help of the painter’s tape.

After the mirror gets fully packaged, it’s time to place it into a cardboard box or crate, which is the better option, for transportation. It’s essential to choose a container larger than the mirror itself so that there are around 2-3 inches of spare space on all sides for proper cushioning.

Once you place the mirror and fill the empty space with bubble wrap or foam for its firm fixation and cushioning, it’s time to label the box or crate as fragile. This label will ensure that every person handling the shipment will treat it with extra care and consideration.

Fine Art Shippers Is Experienced in Mirror Shipping

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