The Importance of Artwork Packaging

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The worst nightmare of any art collector is that his/her precious pieces of art are damaged during shipping or transportation. It is not surprising, therefore, that art connoisseurs pay so much attention to proper artwork packaging. Some people may think that it is better to pack a piece of art by themselves instead of delegating this task to professionals. Therefore, it is crucial to remember some basic rules regarding proper artwork packaging to protect art pieces from damage.

Why Proper Artwork Packaging is Important

Although it is indisputable that pieces of art cannot be transported without individual packing, one may doubt whether it is necessary to use professional services. Packing everything by yourself is certainly cheaper than using specialized services, but you should be aware of all the risks. In some cases, especially when your artwork is expensive and extremely precious, it is better to trust professionals.

Best Protection from Different Damages

Everybody knows that it is impossible to transport pieces of art without any packing at all. Proper packing selected for each artwork specifically is the best protection against mechanical damages, humidity, and sunlight that can be extremely harmful. People experienced in artwork packing can select the most suitable boxes and wrap a piece of art safely while regular art lovers usually do not know all the nuances of the packing process.

Transportation is Safer

One more reason to use professional artwork packaging is that all artworks should be fixed during transportation. For example, artworks transported by road, especially those having an off-standard size, should be treated with increased care because any bumps in the road may damage the precious items. Hence, individual packing is the only way to protect the artwork in the vehicle. Although all routes are planned very carefully considering road surface conditions, proper fixing and individual packing are still obligatory.

The Role of Insurance

Insurance increases the costs of transportation, but it also protects precious items in cases of emergency and damage. It is impossible to imagine transportation of valuable items without insurance because anything can happen with them during transit. However, many people don’t know the nuances of filling all insurance documents. Some companies may refuse to insure your valuable cargo without proper packing, while others may want to monitor the process of packing by themselves. Hence, you cannot go without professional packing because otherwise, your cargo will not be insured.

These are the main reasons why professional packaging is necessary and why Fine Art Shippers provide this service to their clients.