The Famous Wyeth Dynasty at Heritage Museums & Gardens

The famous Wyeth dynasty: Newell Convers, Andrew, and Jamie… One of them drew illustrations of heroes for adventure novels, another Wyeth became an adept of magic realism, and the third one was a friend of Warhol and painted portraits of Kennedy and Nureyev. Amazing masterpieces of these giants of American art are now displayed at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The Wyeths: America Reflected exhibition of fine art works created by three generations of Wyeth artists is represented by 45 paintings and illustrations from private and museum art collections. They reflect such important themes as the family, American patriotism, the significance of place, and certainly the role of storytelling. Visitors have a chance to see 16 oil paintings by N. C. Wyeth from Poems of American Patriotism depicting Abraham Lincoln, Paul Revere, and George Washington; Andrew Wyeth’s landscapes defining American identity; and Jamie’s provocative and evocative images dealing with human preoccupation with mortality and mystery, as well as famous figures of our times. In addition, The Wyeths: America Reflected is supplemented with photographs of each of the Wyeth artists, along with their thematic and biographical information. The exhibition is held at the Special Exhibitions Gallery and runs through September 27, 2015. It is also worth noting that the building itself is a replica of the Revolutionary War fort located in New Windsor, New York.