The Difference Between White Glove Delivery and Curbside Delivery

The Difference Between White Glove Delivery and Curbside Delivery

On our blog, you might have already read a lot about white glove delivery services and their benefits. While looking for white glove movers on the internet, you can also encounter another term – curbside delivery – that people may confuse with the first phrase due to their almost similar meanings. If you are confused about the practical difference between the two, here is how they differ.

White Glove Delivery vs. Curbside Delivery

In simple terms, curbside delivery is a demo version of white glove transportation. Both services imply that experts carefully deliver previously packed items to a desirable destination and unload them from their truck. At this very moment, things go differently. Unlike white glove delivery, when handlers move the artworks into your house, unpack, and install them in a room, curbside moving ends in the front of your door. They will not carry it for you any further. That’s why it is called curbside, meaning the side of a road that is nearer to the curb, a limitation.

Now that you know the difference between the two, how to choose the right one?

When to Choose What?

Between curbside and white glove delivery, there is no definite winner because each service can be more beneficial depending on the situation. For example, if you are qualified in unpacking and hanging artworks, you don’t really need white glove movers unless the freight is especially bulky, fragile, or valuable. More than that, you can save money by going for curbside transportation. Sometimes, though, it is just impossible. The reason may lie in the type of delivered artworks and their packaging. Hardly everyone has specialty tools to open a wooden crate without damaging a piece of art. The same goes for large mirrors, chandeliers, and glass objects. In other words, some breakables should be unpacked by those who packed them in the first place.

White glove delivery remains a gold standard because you don’t need to lift a finger during the entire process. Everything is organized and implemented by movers. Even though it is a more expensive option, it guarantees you a high chance of success and positive results in the form of safe and sound artworks. In the end, it is you who decide, so make sure your choice will facilitate the accomplishment of your goals. And if you need consultation or want to request our services, Fine Art Shippers is always here for you. We have a solution you need!