The Difference between Art Moving Companies and Regular Movers

So, you need to move art to your new home, office, or studio. It is time to decide how exactly you are going to do it. On the one hand, you can certainly pack and move all the pieces on your own. On the other hand, if your collection includes valuable paintings, antique items, or very large and heavy works, most likely you will need professional moving help. Hence the question arises: do you really need to hire specialized art moving companies? Or maybe regular movers can also handle this type of work?

As professional shippers of fine art, we know the answer to this question and now want to share with you some useful information that will help you decide whether to choose art moving companies or regular movers to relocate your collection of art.

1. Art moving companies know the mediums. Each work of art is unique and deserves special handling and packing. Unfortunately, regular movers, unlike experienced art moving companies, do not know all the nuances of the art packing process and why an oil painting cannot be wrapped the same as a framed print.

2. Art moving companies use special packing materials and boxes. Depending on the artwork’s size, weight, shape, and medium, art shippers choose the right packing materials and boxes to ensure the transported object will withstand the rigors of the moving process. Regular movers usually use the same packing materials for all items.

3. Art moving companies build custom wooden crates. The most fragile, delicate, and sensitive works of art should be transported in custom-made wooden crates. Art moving companies know this very well and, therefore, offer comprehensive art crating services while regular movers don’t.

4. Art moving companies have reliable partners all over the world. Professional art moving companies operate globally and work with many reliable international art shippers, meaning that they can safely ship fine art anywhere in the world. It is needless to say that regular movers cannot provide you with such services.

5. Art moving companies can handle artwork of any size and weight. Finally, regular movers do not have all the needed experience and equipment to handle huge outdoor sculptures, oversized paintings, and other large and valuable works of art. In such a case, hiring expert fine art shippers is the only right solution.

Now that you know the difference between art moving companies and regular movers, you can make an informed decision regarding the moving of your art collection. Do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers if you have any additional questions!