The Art of Art Shipping in NYC

New York

New York is the city of abundant imagination and rampant creativity, dreams and numerous opportunities for talented and goal-oriented people. New York is also the city of incredible architecture and art. The latter is represented here in all possible shapes and forms, making New York the art capital of the world. At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to work in this amazing city and provide our art logistics services to the local art community and guests alike. Art shipping in NYC is an art in itself, and we have mastered it well!

The Art of Art Shipping in NYC

New York is home to thousands of fine art galleries and some of the world’s leading art museums. Art exhibitions, art fairs, and various art events are held there all the time, attracting art lovers and collectors from around the globe. It is no wonder that fine art shipping services are in high demand in New York.

Since 1995, Fine Art Shippers has been providing professional art logistics services, shipping fine art for artists, dealers, auctioneers, collectors, and all sorts of art institutions. We particularly specialize in the transportation of Old Master paintings, metal and glass sculptures, large art installations, wall murals, porcelain, and museum antiques. Shipping items like that is a challenging process that requires knowledge, skills, and a creative approach. It is an art in itself, and we are proud to have mastered it. Whether it comes to local moving or international art shipping in NYC, please feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers. We would be happy to help!

Working in New York is an incomparable pleasure. Art is everywhere you look, not only in the museums and galleries. It is on the streets and in every building. Just look around, and you will see numerous beautiful artworks that are worth discovering!