The ABCs of Professional Piano Storage: Tips from Fine Art Shippers

The ABCs of Professional Piano Storage: Tips from Fine Art Shippers

The owners of an expensive or antique piano may face the challenge of finding the right piano storage for the period of home renovation or relocation to another place. This musical instrument is extra-large in size, but it’s also delicate in handling. Thus, you need to account for many aspects to ensure it stays intact from damage and remains in tune.

First, you should organize safe and professionally organized piano shipping to the storage location. It’s not an easy task since it requires thorough planning and execution by seasoned experts in this field. Second, it’s vital to arrange safe and optimal storage conditions for your antique piano, which we’ll discuss below.

Essentials of Correct Piano Storage Arrangement

So, what elements add up to make the storage facility ideal for your property? Here are the main criteria to take into consideration.

Climate Control

Pianos are made of delicate materials and require a stable environment to stay in tune. Thus, regardless of the packaging in which you will store your piano, you should ensure that it will be kept in a room with a temperature range of 68-720F (20-220C). A humidity range of 42-50% is also optimal for piano storage.


The storage facility should be in a location without extreme fluctuations in environmental conditions. Avoid such places as a garage, basement, or attic, which are prone to humidity and extreme temperatures. Keep your piano away from direct sunlight. It’s also vital to ensure the room is properly ventilated.

Preparation for Storage

Prepare your piano for storage by cleaning all its surfaces and covering the musical instrument with professional packaging materials to prevent scratches or chips. The cover should also be breathable so that the moisture doesn’t build up on the piano’s surface and inside.

Condition Audit

Complete regular inspections of the piano’s state; it can be done by the storage facility’s professional workers if you keep the piano in dedicated storage or on your own if you keep the piano at home. This way, you will be able to detect early signs of deterioration and tune the piano up on time.

Entrust Your Piano to Fine Art Shippers

If you’re concerned about the quality of storage facilities for your exclusive piano, turn to Fine Art Shippers for assistance. Our museum-grade storage facility in Upper Manhattan complies with top-tier storage standards and requirements and can host art and antique objects of any dimension and type. We’ll take care of your piano in line with the industry’s excellence standards, making sure that your piano stays in ideal shape and tune for many years to come.