Key Features of Our Art Storage in Upper Manhattan You’re Sure to Love

Key Features of Our Art Storage in Upper Manhattan You’re Sure to Love

When you start thinking about storage for your art, you naturally want to entrust your precious belongings to reliable storage service providers with a solid background in art handling. That’s exactly what Fine Art Shippers can ensure at every step of working with fine art items. As an experienced art shipping, packaging, crating, and installation company, we take safety to a new level and guarantee top-notch customer experience.

Here is a collector-friendly introduction to our art storage in Upper Manhattan that will help you make an informed decision about the value of our services.

Wide Range of Services

If you want more than a spot for your art items, you will surely enjoy the variety of service options at our art storage in Upper Manhattan. The facility has been specifically designed for safe and professional art storage in collaboration with seasoned museum-grade experts who also contributed to the design of storage systems at the Van Gogh Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Thus, you can be confident in the thorough attention to detail and comprehensive security measures put in place here.

Besides your art collection’s storage in a climate-controlled and fully secure space, we can provide collection management services. It is also possible to organize a viewing session in one of our viewing rooms. This way, you can display the item to potential buyers without the need to come to the storage yourself.

Professional Storage Setup and Conditions

We’ve taken all storage requirements into account to create a space that meets the needs of the pickiest collectors. Our storage possesses the following features:

  • Custom design with art storage requirements in mind
  • Advanced security system and 24/7 monitoring
  • Robust climate control for stable humidity and temperature support
  • Service by adequately trained and certified staff only
  • Pest and bacterial growth controls
  • Collection management and viewing room services on demand
  • Location in a safe district of NYC, protected from floods and storm surge risks
  • A powerful emergency backup generator to keep the environment stable during downtime

Welcome to Our Art Storage in Upper Manhattan

If the features we’ve enumerated above are what you’re looking for, it’s time to rent a seat for your art collection in our storage. Contact us to learn more about storage conditions and additional terms. We’re always happy to welcome new items for safe, fully monitored storage for as long as you need it.