The Perfect Conditions for Climate-Controlled Art Storage in NYC

The Perfect Conditions for Climate Controlled Art Storage in NYC

Looking for climate-controlled art storage in NYC? You would not be the only one. From art collectors and artists to galleries and museums, the Big Apple has a plethora of art enthusiasts in need of reliable art storage options within an arm’s reach. But why is finding a storage space with a well-maintained environment is so important? Let’s find it out.

Why does climate control matter?

Anyone familiar with the basics of fine art storage will agree that climate control is essential. This feature of all trustworthy fine art storage facilities is composed of several variables: humidity, temperature, lighting, and air circulation. These conditions must always be maintained at certain levels prescribed by the leading experts in fine art preservation.

What are the necessary conditions for art storage?

Humidity and temperature are always intertwined. Exposing artwork to moisture or extreme temperatures for a long time can lead to various complications. For example, paint can fade and crack if relative humidity levels in the facility are below 35%. If the humidity levels are too high, mold and various fungal bacteria might appear, and moving a piece from a cooler area to a warmer one can cause condensation. While slight variations from the recommended humidity and temperature levels are allowed, drastic disrespect for established rules is never okay.

A small amount of airflow is necessary to prevent mold growth and moisture accumulation. At the same time, artwork should never be stored next to open windows or vents, as dust, dirt, and pollen can get through them and cause damage to art. When it comes to lighting in art storage facilities, artificial light should not be too strong, and direct, natural light from the street must be avoided at all costs.

Where to find climate-controlled art storage in NYC?

Fine Art Shippers is proud of its high-security, expertly maintained art storage facility. We have a storage location in Brooklyn and are preparing for the opening of a new one in Manhattan. Our facilities are approved by the leading art insurance companies, meaning they are completely safe and perfectly suited to store even the most delicate valuables. If you are interested in finding out more about our climate-controlled art storage in NYC, contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to find a solution to match your needs.