Stunning Limited Edition Photo Art at LUMAS

Want to find a beautiful large art print for your home? Or maybe you are interested in fine art photography? It’s not a problem if you are in New York. We know that like no other because Fine Art Shippers has been working with art galleries, dealers, and boutique art shops for over 20 years, and we can say with confidence that this amazing city can offer something to everyone. Moreover, New York has plenty of options for art connoisseurs on any budget. You can find here everything, from original yet inexpensive artworks to a large art print by the prominent contemporary artist to museum-quality masterpieces. How about limited edition photo art? If it is what you are looking for, you should definitely visit LUMAS in Soho!


With 37 locations around the globe, LUMAS is one of the leading galleries for original photo art in the world. Located in the legendary Soho district, it has been a go-to place for stunning limited edition photo art and museum-quality prints since its very opening in 2006. Aimed at offering inspiring and high-quality art pieces, LUMAS has a truly impressive selection of artworks for any taste and budget, from affordable art under $250 to works by the most celebrated contemporary masters, such as Takashi Murakami, Miles Aldridge, Michel Comte, and Alex Maclean. LUMAS is indeed a must-visit gallery in New York, no matter whether you are looking for a large art print for yourself or a small original gift that won’t cost you a fortune!