Short Guide on How to Ship Glass Safely

Packing and shipping glass items can seem fraught with risk. You need to be very careful and attentive to detail when dealing with fragile items like that. Whether it is an antique glass bottle or an expensive vase, make sure it is properly prepared for the transportation. We have compiled a short guide to save you some time researching useful tips on how to ship glass safely.

Short Guide on How to Ship Glass Safely

How to ship glass safely?

1. Prepare needed supplies

If you do not know how to ship glass or other delicate items properly, start with consulting those who have already done if before. The next step is to buy all the needed packing supplies. These include:

  • shipping box;
  • packaging tape (opt for the reinforced tape if you need to ship a heavier item);
  • wrapping paper;
  • bubble wrap;
  • marker.

2. Pack the item carefully

Wrap each piece individually in wrapping paper and then in bubble wrap at least three times all the way around it. If your glass item contains liquid, pack it additionally in a plastic bag. This will help you avoid leakage during transit. Fit the piece in a box of the appropriate size, with enough space for padding. Make sure the box is sturdy and free of holes and tears. It is a good idea to package your glass piece inside two layers of boxes to provide it with extra protection. Pack the box tightly and fill in the empty spaces with more bubble wrap so that the item does not shuffle in transit.

3. Label the box

Write the shipping address on a card and place it inside the box. Write the recipient and return address as well. This will keep your delicate possessions from getting lost. Remove or cross out any old labels on the outer box in order to avoid misunderstanding. Do not forget to write “Fragile” in bold on each side of the box to let the shippers know about the contents.

4. Choose the right shipping company

The shipping scene has become a crazy maze. With everything considered, you need to make a wise decision and choose the right company that is professional, reliable, and with extensive experience in shipping glass. Fine Art Shippers offers a wide range of services, including art moving, art installation, art crating and packing, art insurance, and more. We are experts in shipping glass, and we can deliver your precious possessions anywhere in the world. So, if you do not know how to ship glass items safely, entrust our team with this complicated task. You will love our competitive rates and approach to work.