Shipping Sculptures with Irregular Shapes: What to Consider?

Shipping Sculptures with Irregular Shapes: What to Consider?

Not all sculptures are the same. To put it more precisely, hardly any sculptures are the same. With the advent of modern and contemporary art, more and more sculptors started incorporating irregular shapes in their art. Nowadays, you can find artworks with the most unimaginable forms, spanning from complex geometric objects to art installations consisting of several parts. Shipping sculptures of such nature is a tremendous task and needs to be implemented by professional shippers only. How are such “monsters” even transported?

What to Consider When Shipping Sculptures with Irregular Shapes?

Weight and size are definitely some of the most deciding factors for transportation. However, it is the shape of a sculpture that often makes the job rather challenging. The more it is curvy and “chaotic,” the harder it is to pack, move, load, and secure it in a truck. The same goes for lightweight structures. There is no doubt that they are easy to carry, but they are usually so flimsy that you have to pay extra attention to make the shipping process as safe as possible. The place of cherry on the top of the cake belongs to the hanging sculpture. It is when you need to create a special holding system so that the artworks are preserved in the way they are meant to be displayed.

As you see, shipping sculptures with irregular shapes is way more difficult than moving objects with standard dimensions. While packing materials are indeed important, they don’t play a significant role in the delivery of odd-shaped items. What matters in this particular case is the experience and craftsmanship of the shippers responsible for the delivery. Since you, as an owner, put your art at great risk, you need to entrust it to seasoned professionals. Otherwise, something might get damaged. Only specialists can adequately measure the risks connected to the sculpture and its shape. After the analysis, they can design the most effective strategy for shipping sculptures without damaging them in the process.

To conclude

There are a whole lot of pitfalls expecting you if you decide to deal with odd-shaped statues without help. The value and fragility of such items say it all: shipping sculptures with irregular shapes is a job for an expert team of movers whose skills and craftsmanship are an antidote against misfortune and mistakes. To hire a logistics company specializing in artwork transportation, contact Fine Art Shippers at info@fineartshippers.com or request a free shipping quote online on our website.