Shipping Artwork Internationally: Alternatives to Postal Services

Shipping Artwork Internationally: Alternatives to Postal Services

Everyone has their own approach to shipping artwork internationally. People tend to choose options that seem the most trustworthy and cost-effective to them, but are they always right to follow their gut? Is it better to save money by shipping with a cheaper postal service or invest in the safety of your artwork by choosing a professional fine art shipping company? We are here to release you from your anxieties and make your decision-making less stressful.

Is Shipping Artwork Internationally Really That Complicated?


International logistics is a long chain built from numerous elements, many of which seem out of control to a regular person not involved with the process directly. Hundreds of postal service workers and movers, storage rooms, and international customs — the list of places and people your parcel goes through is massive. As a result, many feel powerless in the face of the huge machine that is the logistics industry. Even with the ubiquitous spread of package tracking, postal service users find that they cannot trust their belongings to be delivered on time or even at all.

With all that in mind, why should you hire an expert fine art logistics company to handle artwork transportation for you? After all, using the postal system aside has its advantages as well. For example, it is relatively cheap and, all horror stories and urban legends aside, a pretty trustworthy option.

While UPS workers can transport a wide range of objects, artwork presents a unique case. No matter how experienced postal service workers are, they do not have the qualifications to handle a fragile work of art. In contrast, fine art handlers are trained in transporting the most fragile and breakable items for museums and galleries.

In addition, you will not have to be concerned about your valuable package getting lost on its way to another country. Fine art shipping companies usually work with trustworthy international partners who will personally ensure your artwork is safe up until the very end of its long journey. Plus, you will be able to get regular updates from the company.

In the end, what matters is that you have an art shipping strategy that works for you. Whether you prefer shipping artwork internationally with postal services or a professional fine art logistics company, the safety of your artwork should be a priority.