International Fine Art Shipping Companies to Hire in 2024

International Fine Art Shipping Companies to Hire in 2024

You definitely need the services of international fine art shipping companies if you’re an artist selling your art globally, an art owner collecting valuable fine art objects, or a gallerist participating in various art fairs and exhibitions. There are many benefits of working with these service providers, such as the professional handling of your precious possessions at every stage of international shipping, from onsite packaging to transit and installation. If you’re still unsure which shipper to engage, we’re offering a couple of tried and tested ideas.

International Fine Art Shipping Companies to Hire in 2024

Here’s the list of top international fine art shipping companies you may hire for safe, professional handling of your art objects in 2024.

#1 Helu-Trans

Helu-Trans has been working since 1979, serving the broad geographical region of Asia. The company has an extensive partner network and provides services to regional art entities, museums, and businesses, as well as private collectors and artists. It is headquartered in Singapore and has several regional offices to offer tailored services to clients of all scales and sizes.

#2 Fine Art Shippers

When it comes to hiring a fine art shipping company in the USA, Fine Art Shippers is an option you should seriously consider. Our company is headquartered in NYC and has been operating in the sphere of fine art shipping for almost three decades. We handle US-wide shipments of all fine art types, conducted with the help of specially equipped, climate-controlled art shuttles. Besides that, we can ship art anywhere in the world, as well as receive your international art shipment in New York, handle all import customs clearance procedures, and deliver it to your location.

#3 Lotus Fine Arts

This company is distinguished by a truly global service coverage, though its main office is located in Hong Kong. The art shipping provider has been in the business for many decades and is known for its world-class shipping quality and usage of the latest art packaging and transportation technologies.

Working with any of these international fine art shipping companies guarantees you peace of mind and ultimate protection of your art belongings. If you need to get your art object shipped to or from the USA or require domestic transportation across the United States, we at Fine Art Shippers will be happy to help. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to discuss the details and get a professional team for your art shipping project.