Shipping Art Internationally in 2022: Things You Should Know

Shipping Art Internationally in 2022: Things You Should Know

The Russia-Ukraine war became a significant predicament for global logistics. Problems with international trade fuelled dramatic cost increases and product shortages that cannot be reversed in the foreseeable future. The flow of goods is now restricted, and no one knows when the situation will get back to normal. And what about shipping art internationally? Is art logistics impacted as well? Let’s analyze how it is different now and what you can do to enhance your experience.

Shipping Art Internationally in 2022

International delivery faced a similar downgrade after Brexit, but then the issue was inside Europe. Nowadays, the hardship is much more global. If you are in the US and want to ship your artworks to/from abroad, it is time to get a calculator and carefully plan the process. What should you pay attention to in the first place?

Shipping cost

In 2022, the rates are the biggest concern. With longer routes, more expensive fuel, and lower demand, you need to be very careful with your calculations. As you might know, the service price depends on a number of factors, but the most influential ones are the place of destination, distance, number of packages, weight and size of those packages, packaging type, additional insurance, and desired delivery time. To set up the right budget, do your homework and spend as much time as needed to take into account all the essential variables.


Customs are notorious for being the most nauseous part of shipping art internationally. Different rules and regulations require an acuteness of understanding from those who work through the paperwork. At the same time, customs are not affected by the current turbulence, so you shouldn’t worry about the extra package of papers to be filled out.


The safety of transported freight will always be one of the most relevant problems in art logistics. No one wants their canvases or prints to be damaged or destroyed during transportation, right? For this reason, you need to be picky when it comes to shippers, means of transportation, and insurers. Talking about insurance coverage, it is also a good idea to get it long in advance.

Sails up, or?

The world of global logistics changes every month. While you cannot prepare yourself for anything, you can greatly increase your chance of success with the precautions above. And if you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, Fine Art Shippers will be glad to become your global partner and assist you in shipping art internationally.