Services to Look for at a Full-Service Art Logistics Company

Services to Look for at a Full Service Art Logistics Company

Every art piece comes with a unique set of requirements for storage, handling, and transportation. Things get even more complicated if you own a large collection of versatile artworks requiring delicate, well-planned treatment. That’s why you should consider hiring a full-service art logistics company as soon as you face the need to receive, send, pack, or store artwork.

Which Services Should an Art Logistics Company Provide?

Here is a list of services that you may expect from a reliable and experienced provider of art logistics services.


The main area of art logistics providers is artwork transportation. The company’s experts should be able to assess your artwork type and condition, choosing the safest route for its shipping to the destination point. They should use specialized vehicles and professional equipment to move art items, load them into the truck, and unload the items upon delivery.


Another pillar of professional art logistics services is safe and professional artwork packaging. The company should have trained staff able to choose the safest materials for art packaging and perform on-site packing or ship the object to their workshop for packaging and crating (the latter is mostly needed for international shipping).


Artwork can shine with new colors if it’s installed in the right place and at the right height, with proper lighting in the room. That’s what artwork installers should be able to do on demand. Besides, art handlers should provide safe and careful installation and deinstallation services during the art object’s shipment from one place to another, ensuring that you don’t deal with this challenge alone.


Many art logistics companies also have properly equipped and climate-controlled storage facilities where you can keep your art as long as you need. Besides, these storage spaces are monitored by security systems and staff to guarantee the artwork’s protection from thieves.

Professional Consulting

Companies dealing with art logistics often provide expert consulting services on various aspects of art storage, mode of transportation selection, insurance policy options, and the like, helping you make an informed decision on important aspects of artwork handling.

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