The Three Aspects of Fine Art Logistics Beyond Transportation

The Three Aspects of Fine Art Logistics Beyond Transportation

Art logistics is most commonly associated with the transportation of artworks. Indeed, this is a big part of what such companies do. Art transportation is an incredibly risky and tedious process that requires a lot of preparation and caution, so the fact that it is used synonymously with art-related logistics is completely understandable. However, one cannot talk about artwork logistics without mentioning three other essential services. Let’s talk about packing, installation, and storage in detail so that you know what to expect when hiring a fine art handling service.

The Three Aspects of Fine Art Logistics Beyond Transportation


Any reputable art transportation service will offer you packing and crating help. That is simply a must when handling fragile pieces such as works of art and antiques, major categories of items that these services often deal with. The reason for that is simple: no matter how savvy you are in packaging, art sometimes needs a bit more care and attention than usual. Even if you do your best to provide maximal security to your valuables, accidents might happen. Therefore, to minimize risks, it is better to let experts handle the packaging of your precious possessions.


Installation is something that typically happens right after delivery. This step is not always necessary, but if your piece is large or heavy, we recommend having it installed professionally. You would be surprised at how many damage cases happen during the installation phase when art is handled by amateurs. As a professional fine art shipping company, we believe our mission is to ensure the security of your valuables from start to finish. This is why we highly encourage you to enlist professional help when installing works of art.


Out of all the sides of art logistics we mentioned, you are probably most familiar with storage. All of us know how to store things like food, clothes, or other things we are not using at the moment. But what about art storage? There is a reason why art storage is a separate part of the art handling spectrum. Works of art tend to be extremely fragile and get damaged if stored in unsuitable conditions, for example, in a room that is too humid or dry. Fine art shipping companies typically offer art storage services to ensure that art is preserved for as long as possible.

Now you know that fine art transportation is not the only service fine art handling companies provide. Talk to the company of your choice if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned services.