The Nuances and Peculiarities of Shipping Fine Art Properly

The Nuances and Peculiarities of Shipping Fine Art Properly

As soon as you approach the task of shipping fine art, you may understand that it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. Artwork of any type requires careful handling at all stages, from packaging to shipping and unpacking, so that your assets stay intact and undamaged. That’s why you should learn all the nuances of this procedure before doing that on your own or hiring professionals. Let’s explore the main principles of art shipping.

The Postulates of Shipping Fine Art Safely

Here are the main aspects of safe shipping you should consider when planning and executing the shipment process.


You can’t just wrap your artwork in paper or towels and get it transported from one place to another. Safe, professional packaging with acid-free materials with no adhesive properties is vital for the protection of your artwork’s fragile and delicate surfaces. Besides, the artwork should be packaged in layers, with proper regard to padding, cushioning, and glass protection (for framed art).

Temperature and Humidity

Artwork of all kinds is sensitive to fluctuations in environmental conditions, so you should ensure proper climate control during transportation. The safest variant is to use an art shuttle with a comprehensive temperature and humidity control system.

Delicate Handling

Hire trained professionals who know how to lift and move fine art and will perform this task without the risk of dumps, chips, and scratches. Opt for a white glove service if your artwork requires a full spectrum of art handling services.


Take care of insurance coverage and a condition report for your artwork so that your assets are fully protected against damage or reckless handling in transit.


Check whether the art shipping vehicle is equipped with security measures, such as GPS tracking systems and web cameras. The shuttles should also have secure locks to prevent unauthorized access to fine art items during transportation.

Installation Assistance

Consider hiring installation experts so that your artwork is properly placed after its delivery, with proper regard to safety and compositional principles.

Work with Professionals to Handle Art Safely from Start to Finish

As you can see, shipping fine art is a task with many nuances, ignoring which may cost you property. For this reason, it always makes sense to weigh the options of doing it all on your own or hiring professionals for the safe, delicate shipping of your belongings from point A to point B.

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