Russian Contemporary Art: Michael Novokshchennyy

It is needless to say that Russian contemporary art is becoming extremely popular, attracting more and more attention from both Russian and international collectors with each passing year. As a professional fine art packing and shipping company, we are very lucky to work with many talented Russian artists, shipping their artworks across the world. Besides, we also help young and emerging artists organize exhibitions of their works in the United States, which allows us to get acquainted with many new talents from around Russia. In our previous blog post, we wrote about Olga Akulina, an amazing Moscow-based artist who creates true masterpieces in her own unique style. Now we want to tell you about Michael Novokshchennyy, another great Russian artist whose outstanding works have impressed our team of the fine art packing and shipping specialists.

Michael Novokshchennyy

Michael Novokshchennyy was born in 1967 in Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region. After graduating from the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg in 1995, he moved to Moscow where he has been living ever since. Today, Michael Novokshchennyy’s works distinguished by the artist’s original approach to painting are exhibited at galleries and art shows worldwide, presenting innovative Russian contemporary art to a wide public.

Michael Novokshchennyy is indeed a gifted artist whose works are definitely worthy of your time and attention. As for our fine art packing and shipping company, we look forward to working with this amazing person in the future!