Russian Contemporary Art: Airo Sergi

In recent years, Russian contemporary art has significantly grown in status, becoming highly popular with collectors and connoisseurs alike. At Fine Art Shippers, we know that because our art transport company frequently ships various artworks by many talented Russian artists, including paintings and sculptures by Mikhail Zvyagin who now lives and works in New York City. It is also worth noting that in addition to shipping art across the world, our art transport company also helps organize local and international art exhibitions that often include works by Russian artists. This allows us to meet many creative people and get acquainted with many new pieces of Russian contemporary art, most of which are simply amazing. For example, have you ever heard of Airo Sergi? If not, you should definitely learn more about this prominent Russian artist!

Airo Sergi

Born in 1960 in Novorossiysk, Airo Sergi is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and interesting artists of his generation. His mystical paintings inspired by the work of medieval masters are distinguished by the artist’s very original style created with the use of different techniques. Moreover, they represent a somewhat striking combination of past and future, which makes them truly mesmerizing and unique.

Our art transport company highly recommends everyone to pay attention to Russian contemporary art and paintings by Airo Sergi in particular. This talented artist is indeed worthy of our admiration!