Reasons Why You Should Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

Any company that uses both Salesforce and Gmail understands that utilizing both of these services separately is hard when you don’t have the right tools to juggle between them. If your company relies on G-suite accounts, you know full well how your workload can increase dramatically in a short period of time, which means that you’ll need to sync it with your cloud-based data on Salesforce by integrating it into your Gmail account. If you’re not sure whether to take that step, here are some of the reasons why you should.

Increase Productivity

Your sales reps are using Salesforce and Gmail consecutively, which means that they have to alternate between the two platforms to copy and paste data, something which can consume a lot of valuable time. In that case, integrating Salesforce into your Gmail account will help you reduce the time spent on copying and pasting data and also switching between those two systems. Salesforce and Gmail integration will save you the effort of alternating between the two systems or split your screen and not have a full view of the interface of them on your screen. This should ultimately help you and your sales reps focus more on improving your sales.

Reasons Why You Should Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

Track and Unsend Emails

Some apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, give you the option to unsend your text messages. Unfortunately, you won’t have that luxury when it comes to sending emails. Some emails might contain sensitive documents or information, which you can inadvertently send to the wrong person. To avoid that, you’ll need an undo send feature, which, as the name suggests, will unsend emails before it’s too late. A Salesforce extension will provide you with this feature along with a track-your-attachment option, which can help you see who has access to your attachments or even program your attachments to self-destruct in case they fall into the wrong hands.

Avoid Redundant Data Entry

Anyone using Salesforce and Gmail knows full well how arduous data entry can be. Since you’ll have to spend double the time entering this data into two systems, you’ll be wasting a good portion of your work hours on doing a mindless task. Additionally, manual data entry introduces a great chance of entry error. If you want to keep your Salesforce up to date with your clients’ data, you’ll need to do it right; thus, opting for an automated data entry is better in almost every way than manual data entry. With that, you’ll be able to utilize your valuable time on other work-related tasks, like your marketing campaign, for example.

Reasons Why You Should Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

Receive Notifications on Your Email Performance

Gmail doesn’t usually allow its users to track their email opens or clicks, but this can be crucial, especially if you’re running an email marketing campaign and need to understand how engaging your content actually is. Fortunately, integrating Salesforce into your Gmail will help you in this regard. Salesforce extensions will aid you in tracking email opens, auto-log your prospect clicks, and understand how engaging your emails are to your clients. Once you analyze this data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on how to improve your marketing campaign and sales. Eventually, you’ll have a better understanding of your clients’ needs and inclinations.

Track Attachment Performance on Salesforce

As we mentioned earlier, integrating Salesforce into your Gmail will be of major help when it comes to unsending emails and attachments, but that’s only it. A Salesforce extension will help you track attachments, opens, and views. When running an email campaign, tracking your PDF and Powerpoint downloads is crucial, which is why you’ll need to get a Salesforce extension that will help you create trackable links and email attachments.

Integrate Your Email Activity on Salesforce

Minor tasks, such as data entry, are better done automatically to avoid errors in recording data. Email activity, or email sequences, can be automatically updated on your Salesforce database when you integrate Salesforce into your Gmail. As you may already know, automating different aspects of your work will help expand your scope and improve your sales and marketing efforts. When you’re running highly complicated email sequences that include email sends and calls, you’ll be able to execute them while knowing that your actions will all be logged in your Salesforce automatically.

Knowing all of these facts, you should be able to decide whether to integrate your Salesforce into your Gmail. Most third-party services offer a free trial first before letting you subscribe to a certain plan, so make sure that you utilize these trials first before making up your mind. Some services even provide a personalized demo, so be sure to contact these services before trying out the free trial to understand whether it will suit your needs.