Professional Art Handling

Professional art handling is all about balance, performance reliability, care, and certainly years of experience. Since every piece of art – from small, fragile objects to large sculptures – is precious by nature and requires special attention, art handlers need to develop the right solution for each of them. This is exactly why to trust this work to fine art shipping experts is a smart solution. After all, only true professionals have the required respect for the art, deep experience, and precise technical knowledge. In this way, when choosing art handlers to safely handle your valuable possessions, you need to be confident in your decision, especially when it comes to unique fine art and antique pieces. Here are several things you should pay your attention to:

Knowledgeable consultation

Every good job starts with personal and knowledgeable art consulting. Therefore, the first thing to pay your attention to is how caring, reassuring, and competent the art handling company’s representative is. All your questions should be clearly answered, and, what is more, you should also be asked about the piece dimensions and count, shipping destination, working conditions, your major concerns, and so on. In most cases, if a fine art shipping company asks you such questions, you are in good hands.

Packing supplies and materials

Obviously, the quality of packing largely depends on the quality of packing supplies and materials. This simply means that if you don’t want your valuable artwork to be damaged during transportation, make sure the chosen art shipping company uses only archival, museum quality packing materials.

Custom crating

Since fine art pieces are not all the same, custom crates may be the only choice for safe artwork transportation and handling. Remember, every reliable fine art shipping company should offer you custom crating services to satisfy the particular needs of your artwork, including its physical properties, size, weight, and structure. Therefore, before to order art handling and shipping services, make sure this company can also provide you with high-quality custom crates.

Extensive experience

No one will argue with the fact that experience is the key, especially when it comes to art handling services. After all, no one wants their valuable possessions to be handled by someone who doesn’t even know how to do it right. In other words, in order to protect your artwork, you should choose the art shipping company with extensive experience in safe handling and couriering. 

In this way, if you want your art pieces to be properly handled, packed, and shipped to their destination, you need to hire only expert art handlers. This is where you need Fine Art Shippers! Whether we are handling, transporting, packing, storing, or installing the artwork, you can be absolutely confident that each and every piece is in good hands. Our primary goal is to ensure perfect artwork transportation and handling services, no matter whether it comes to the entire art collection or a single item. Trust the professionals, and we will never let you down!