Preparing Your Artwork for Art Storage in New York: 2024 Guide

Preparing Your Artwork for Art Storage in New York

You may require the services of art storage in New York in many situations. Be it an international transit or your collection’s upcoming visit to an art fair or exhibition, it has to be properly prepared for storage. Here is a list of preparatory steps to take before sending your precious belongings to a local storage unit.


Many art storage facilities in New York don’t accept uninsured art objects for preservation. That’s why you should organize an insurance policy with a fair, precise evaluation of the cost of your artwork. The insurance policy should also be accompanied by a full record of the art object’s original condition at the moment of being sent for storage. These photos and documents will serve as a reference point for your property’s evaluation after storage to detect any potential damage.

Packaging Artwork Properly

While fine art is being transported to storage and then shipped somewhere or held in the storage unit for some time, it passes through many hands and endures a variety of environmental conditions. That’s why good packaging is key to your artwork’s preservation in storage and transit. Our recommendations for proper packaging are as follows.

  • Inadequate wrapping or padding can cause abrasion of the artwork’s surface, so it’s vital to use acid-free soft materials as the first layer of wrapping and then cover it with bubble wrap and cardboard for effective cushioning of physical shocks and movement during shipping.
  • You can enhance your item’s protection by using foam boards (also referred to as foam core), which will guarantee sturdy support. These boards are available in various thicknesses, and you should choose one based on the artwork’s type and dimensions.
  • Corner protectors may also be used for framed and stretched artworks so that they suffer no scratches in transit.

Safe Transportation to Art Storage in New York

Now that your property is safely packaged and protected by an insurance policy, it’s time to organize its safe transportation to the chosen art storage in New York. It’s vital to hire professional art handlers who know how to treat fragile, delicate art items at every stage of shipping.

Which Art Storage to Select?

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to offer safe, well-equipped art storage in New York for all art collectors, galleries, and artists. Our storage unit is located in Brooklyn, a reputable NYC district with easy access and optimal logistics to the nearby airports and seaports. That’s why using our storage services is a convenient and reliable solution for all art owners looking for bulletproof protection and delicate handling of their valuables.