Paula Cooper Gallery in New York City, NY

At Fine Art Shippers, we provide a whole range of fine art services, ranging from packing and shipping to art installation and setting up exhibitions. Moreover, we continually expand our fine art services to provide the art community and individuals with a wider variety of logistics solutions to meet any need. However, while our team is always busy, packing and shipping art and antiques for our clients, we still allocate time to visit different art events, shows, and fairs, not to mention galleries and museums. In particular, last month, Fine Art Shippers had a memorable trip to Basel, Switzerland where we spent several amazing days visiting Art Basel and numerous galleries participating in the show, including Paula Cooper Gallery.

Paula Cooper Gallery

Paula Cooper Gallery is a unique and very important gallery for several reasons. First of all, it was opened in New York in 1968, becoming the first art gallery in Soho. Secondly, it features an amazing collection of artworks by some of the leading artists, with a focus on minimal and conceptual art. For example, here you can find works by such prominent artists as Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and Carl Andre. Finally, in addition to its fantastic exhibitions, Paula Cooper Gallery is also known for hosting poetry readings, book receptions, dance performances, music symposia, and even concerts, which makes it stand out from many others.

At Fine Art Shippers, we would be happy to work with Paula Cooper Gallery, providing it and its clients with high-quality fine art services of any kind!