Paper Art Storage, or Three Ways You Can Use Acid-Free Materials

Paper Art Storage, or Three Ways You Can Use Acid-Free Materials

If you are someone who owns an art collection or makes art yourself, you have probably looked far and wide for techniques and tools to preserve it. Paper art storage can be tricky because of the features of the medium. Paper is prone to oxidizing, which means it can go yellow and fade with time. That is where acid-free glassine paper comes in handy. It is an extremely common material that has various uses in the areas of art storage and preservation.

While there are many reasons why fine art handlers use glassine paper, it is not the only acid-free material they use. Let’s take a look at the supplies that have a neutral pH level and work great for all kinds of art storage-related purposes.

Paper Art Storage, or Three Ways You Can Use Acid-Free Materials

Acid-free paper

Just in case you are not an avid user of acid-free paper already, let us tell you about one of the main ways it can be used. Because it has a neutral pH level, it will not introduce new acids to items it comes in contact with, making it perfect for lining paper-based artwork. Usually, a sheet of glassine paper is placed in between unframed, loose works of art.

Acid-free boards

Acid-free boards can be extremely useful for packing paper-based artwork for storage. It possesses the sturdiness of regular cardboard but is completely safe for artwork storage. In addition, it can be used to separate vertically-stored framed works of art.

Acid-free storage boxes

Loose works on paper can be stacked and stored in acid-free cases or boxes. Apart from having a neutral pH, they also provide additional security, protecting your valuable paintings and prints from excessive light.

Bonus: painting on acid-free paper

Storage is not the only thing acid-free paper is great for. Using it as a medium is a practice favored by many artists who want to ensure their art stays in perfect condition for as long as possible. In combination with proper storage techniques, such a work of art is sure to last for centuries.

Of course, simply using acid-free supplies is not enough to create conditions suitable for long-term paper art storage. To protect your art collection from damaging outside influences, you must provide a controlled environment. To maximize the safety of your paper-based artwork, you can opt for the help of a specialized fine art storage facility.